Solar thermal

Solar Thermal Energy

Have you ever heard of solar thermal energy (STE) but weren’t exactly sure what the person was talking about?!  STE is a highly efficient technology created to capture solar energy from the sun’s heat which is then used to run a heat engine which generates electricity.  STE is not the same as photovoltaic (PV) energy […]

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DIY Solar Panels

Are you a Pinterest or YouTube freak?! Or love to work on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects?  Today so many things can be done from home as DIY projects in order to help budget your finances and cut down on monthly bills.  Sites like Pinterest and YouTube provide the public with free DIY tutorials that allow you […]

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Solar power in UK

Solar Power in the UK

Solar panels within the United Kingdom (UK) like any other solar power area use photovoltaic (PV) panels or solar thermal energy to capture the sunlight and turn it into energy.  The most common being PV panels or solar panels as they are what are used to light and heat your homes.  If you read “Solar […]

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