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Hidden Pearls - Hijab Shop


Hidden Pearls – Hijab Shop in UK


Hidden Pearls has been supporting our cause for several years now. They believe in our vision which is using natural & unlimited resources for ever increasing energy requirements of this World. We have used up most of our natural resources on this planet. If government provided estimates are anything to go by, then we would run out of all the oil in this World before the end of this century! However if we go with conservative estimates which are more likely to be true, then the oil will end even before 2050. This is hardly 30 years from now! It is the same story for other mineral reserves as well. This is not the only problem. In addition to being finite, these natural reserves are also extremely harmful to our environment and planet. We advocate the use of harnessing the power and unlimited energy supply of Sun for our energy needs. A valid criticism is usually the high costs of solar energy. However this is only because the governemnt doesn’t given any subsidies to these greener forms of energy productions as compared to the powerful business tycoons and groups, hence the cost of solar produced energy goes up! We all need to play our part in making this World a better, safer and greener place for our future generations to come.


Hidden Pearls has been a powerful for Muslims in UK. Unfortunately in current political climate, it is easy to forget the efforts and contributions of British Muslims for this country. British Muslims have fought for the freedom of this country most importantly WWII. They have contributed massively to the economy of the country. They have also added positively to the diversity of this country. Another positive thing is that they usually help women! They are a company dedicated to serving Muslim women from the age 14-45. The problem that most Muslim women faced in the West was that keeping up with fashion trends meant they could not practise their religion. This wasn’t a fair option, they either had to choose religion or dressing stylishly and fashionably. This makes life especially difficult for young professional women who would like to wear the latest clothes and look good, however most of the clothes they could get from most Western stores were too skimpy, showed too much skin and were body-hugging which put many off from shopping altogether! This usually meant the women had to go to Muslim majority countries like Egypt, Pakistan and Malaysia to get any decent Muslim clothing. It is surprising when we put the numbers in perspective, for a population of 43 Million Muslims in Europe, there were hardly any good Hijab Stores!


Hidden Pearls however changed the market altogether at least in UK when they introduced stylish, trendy yet affordable modest clothing in 2015. Their main products are Hijabs, Hijab Underscarves, Hijab Caps, Hijab Pins, Hijab Brooches, Niqabs, Abayas and lot of other types of Islamic and modest clothing. If you would like to know, please visit their Hijab Shop here. You could also visit their social channels below by clicking any of the links below:

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